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Basic Website Up and Running...

Welcome to my professional website!!

So it has finally happened - I have at long last managed to create a space where I hope to be able to keep you all up-to-date on my latest recordings, photos and news. I have a number of new live recordings up (on my 'MUSIC' page) from the last couple of years at Guildhall. This includes both opera scenes and individual peices with composers such as Donizetti, Menotti and Britten.

If you go to my 'PERFORMANCES' page, you can see what up and coming concerts and productions I am going to be involved with over the next few weeks and where possible I will include a link for people to buy tickets (this may take a little while to get up and running!).

I you would like to contact me about anything - please feel free to leave a message or comment on my 'CONTACT' page.



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