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Autumn 2015 Helios

Last autumn's 'Toi Toi' Opera Club night was a success. I was performing in two new scenes written by up and coming composers. The first scene deals with a true life assassination attempt on Hitler and on the terrible aftermath. The second scene evokes the horrors of Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein' with lyrics drawn from the classic novel.

After this, I had only a few days to learn the music for the 'Helios Collective' Formation's Masterclasses with Kaspar Holten, David Parry, Stephen Barlow, Stephen Unwin and Robert Saxton. Once we had blocked our scenes we performed for an audience with full costume and props and received help and criticism from these different experts on different days. It was a fascinating process as we got to understand a lot more about all of the seperate aspects which go into creating opera and how each part effects the other.

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